DA-FormMaker Standard and Professional (en)

There are two licensing variants of DA-FormMaker. The standard version and the professional version.

In the following we will briefly explain the differences between the use of the standard and the professional version. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Standard Version

The standard version is aimed at all users who create websites for any number of their own websites. This includes private and commercial websites. The number of forms is not limited. The standard version may also be used in the context of creating websites without direct commercial interest. For example, for the creation of an association website or other voluntary activities.

Professional version

The professional version is aimed at web designers and companies who create websites and forms for customer orders and earn money with them. The professional version allows the creation of any number of forms for own websites and customer websites.

Update to professional version

For existing customers we offer a discount voucher with which the update to the Professional version costs 20 Euro. Please contact us via our contact form.

In our archive you will also find version 4.8 of the software with the previous license model.